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Thank you for considering Routes to Knowledge's program and people to assist you in your journey.  Our programs are developed to work within your schedule as much as possible. Yes, we teach reading, writing, and fundamentals necessary to complete a GED. But what we most want to do is inspire you to move towards your goals and dreams. You can and will make the decisions as to what you need to learn at R2K because it is about you and your needs. 

Your instructor and or facilitator is an expert in the knowledge for which they will assist you. However, they will be learning from you how best to assist you to become the best writer, reader, and learner you can be.  Please share your experiences and knowledge with us. 

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English Reading & Writing

We offer classes to address the needs of adults seeking to improve their English writing, reading and speech. You can enjoy learning when to use a noun, verb, and adverb. Yes, a noun is a person, place, or thing, but the fun is knowing what to do with the verbs and the adverbs. 

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GED Prep Program

Our GED Prep Program is online and seek to give adult learners the chance to develop the skills to take the GED test. You can take this opportunity to access  your skills and develop the route to knowledge you need for your future.

Proofreading & Editing Services

Dr. Brenda J. Washington began editing while working on her own doctoral degree. In 2015 she became a writing coach for Capella University. Over the next three years she honed her knowledge of academic writing and writing styles that are need to assist learners in their academic pursuit. She became know as the doctoral writing coach. It was through those learners she was encouraged to include editing and proofreading as a service to those seeking their academic advancement.  Click to Book a Consult.