Where can I find your full fall schedule?

Routes to Knowledge is not a standard educational program. We offer classes to improve literacy in reading and writing, primarily. We currently work individually with our learners; therefore, your classes can start as soon as possible. We generally start class within 2 weeks of your applying. 

Can I visit Routes to Knowledge center?

We are an online program, primarily. Our adult online learning program offer sign-on access to our class and information access via Microsoft Teams.  

What is the price per semester for tuition?

Routes to Knowledge, Inc. is a non-profit adult learning program formed to assist adults seeking to improve there reading, writing, and literacy skills for personal and/or professional reasons.  We offer our 12 weeks of classes at a nominal fee based on applicant financial needs. Our purpose is to assist low economic community members in improving their economic prospects. 

What kind of diploma will I receive?

We do not offer a diploma upon completion. We do offer improvement in writing and reading skills for personal and professional goals. We also will offer our Second Chance scholarship to learners completing our GED prep program to pay for their GED Tests.